Monday, April 06, 2009

Winding down

For the moment.
Our guest is gone. We had a great visit and he is planning on returning to Chile with his family as soon as they can get the money together. That is exciting. The thought of haveing new missionaries is wonderful. I hope it works out.

We are expecting Julio, his wife and son this next Sat. Who is Julio? Well, he is a convert from El Bolson, Argentina, where we go on vacation. What do missionaries do on vacation? They witness, of course! We met Julio several years ago at the bowling alley. Neil left him a tract. The next year, we didn't see him at the bowling alley, but we did run into him at the supermarket. Then, the next year, Neil took several guys on a missions trip to El Bolson, found Julio, and were able to lead him to the Lord. We met up with Julio last month, visited with his family. Now they are coming here for a visit. I am no looking forward to more company, but this is important. Julio will be instrumental in starting a church in El Bolson.

Vanessa turned 5 months old, and I couldn't even take a picture. Our camera is broken. Boohoo! She changes so much, almost daily and we're missing it! She is charming and mostly sweet, but then her sin nature kicks in and we get to see her evil twin! Childrearing is not for the fainthearted, my friends!

My other children are neck deep in schoolwork, and none too happy about it.

Ladies' Bible study starts tomorrow. We are going to have a dinner for the opening. I am looking forward to ladies meeting, because I see the need for some instruction. I am seeing some miserable women who desperately need some hope for their family life. Without instruction, they will continue to do what they have always done, which hasn't worked out too good so far. As Dave Ramsey says "If you keep doing what you've been doing, then you are going to keep getting what you've been getting"
I want them to know that there is a better way, God's way. God's way is simple, of course. Hard, but simple. Please pray for my ladies.

So, that's what's going on here!

By the way, Hi JulieMom!!!!!

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JulieMom said...

Hi back! :0)

So glad to be able to keep up with you guys this way. What a blessing!

Sorry you can't take pics of your baby. Bummer! But you'll never forget the important moments.

And my ladies have the same needs as yours. It just takes a while for it all to sink in...I hope... :0)