Monday, April 06, 2009

Some thoughts on Soul Winning

Here in Lanco we love to win souls. We do some door-to-door, but find that generally unfruitful, except for making first contact. We have big events at the Church, but also find that relatively unfruitful in the long term. Why are those two tried-and-true methods not entirely useful here? Simple. It takes time for a seed to grow. Faith cometh by hearing. When we go door to door, the people we meet usually have no real idea about the truth of God. Well, you say, tell them! Yes, of course, and we do. But it takes time for truth to sink in. And even if they agree intellectually, spiritually it is close to impossible on a first try. So we take our time and let the Holy Spirit work. We don't get a lot of instant soul-winning gratification, but it has proven very effective in the long run.

We have been criticized recently by one of Neil's preacher boys for not being more agressive going door-to-door. He thinks thats the only biblically obedient way. But thats not true. We bring people, grown ups and children, to church, where we share the Gospel. We encourage everyone to share the truth with their friends and family. We find that the best, long-term results are from our people bringing their friends and loved ones who get saved (after a few visits) and stay.

I hate being criticized. This one is kind of hard to just shake off because our friend is insinuating that we aren't obedient to God and that we don't care for souls. Its insulting. If I didn't care for souls, I wouldn't be here!

Of course this young man is just that, young. And just a little bit full of himself. I will try to calm down, and not be hurt. I wish I could just shrug it off. And it is a reminder not to be judgemental. Just because I disagree with someone on the finer points of soul-winning, that doesn't mean that they are disinterested in souls or are disobedient. That is up for God to decide.


Mrs. Julie Fink said...

Rhonda, we have the SAME situation here! We go door to door every week to invite people to church, and once they come we follow up with a pie visit and share the gospel. We have had NOBODY that we won at the door visit our church, but we have had 100's of people that we invited to church and then followed up on get saved!!! And not only saved, but baptized and join the church.

Keep following God and don't worry about what other people say.

Rhonda in Chile said...

Thank you for your kind words, Mrs.Julie! Sometimes I am afraid that my fellow IFBers will think that we are terrible for not "soulwinning" the way they do!
I am content with what we do because I feel that God is pleased.

JulieMom said...

Door to door would never work here in SA because of crime...people have walls and electric fencing. If they are not expecting a visitor they WILL NOT answer the gate...are we being disobedient?

You have to follow the way the Lord opens doors for you...not every ministry is the same, and not every method works in every place.

Keep your chin up...youngins sometimes speak before they think...