Thursday, May 14, 2009

Are we headed into another weekend already?

I remember a time when my blog posts were about something, not just about how busy I am!

I know that having a baby is a good thing, but one must come to terms with the fact that things must change. Time must be structured differently. However, "structure" and "baby" don't go together very well at this house.

Update on the Baby.

Last night was the first night of the "crying it out" phase. No, we did not leave her alone, but we did not pick her up and I did not feed her. I don't think she got the memo about the changes, because she expressed her extreme dislike for the new regimen.....for 1.5 hours. Not too bad. According to Dr. Jessie and Tracy Hogg, this should take up to 3 or 4 days, if we are consistent.

Update on my Mother's day gifts. In lieu of the Wii, I asked if I could order a DVD. I wanted "The shop around the Corner" with Jimmy Stewart. This was graciously OK'd. So yesterday I got online to order the DVD. 14.99 dollars. OK....Shipping 16.oo dollars, total...about 30 dollars. For one lightweight DVD? I don't think so!!!!

Neil was in Valdivia yesterday and bought me the most beautiful cup and saucer. So fine! And do you know what? I broke it today! I feel so bad. It was a clean break and I can fix it with some crazy glue. Wasn't planning on using for actually drinking, thank goodness

I have been mulling over some ideas about motherhood. Maybe I'll have time soon to blog about them.......


Anonymous said...

Aww babies, I'm awfully broody right now! :)

With Chatterbox we did the gradual leaving the room thing, sat by her cot not looking at her for a couple of nights - she screamed, next couple of nights sat by the door - she screamed, next couple of nights just outside the door, etc. Eventually she got the message. I was more stressed that the neighbours would ring social services because she screamed so long and loud! Squidge was great, no problems with sleep really.

Anonymous said...

...when I say for a couple of nights I didn't remain there all night, just til she fell asleep.