Friday, May 15, 2009

Cheesy lightbulb moment!

I have noticed that Americans cook with a lot of cheese. I love cheese, but its so expensive.
Anyway, I was watching Tammys tutorial about making pizza, and she put a ton of cheese on that pizza. I would have used half. I know Tammy is frugal as well, so I figured she must be paying a lot less than I do. Then I actually did the math. We pay over 4.5 dollars a pound for cheese. Can you believe that? Cheese is, pound for pound, more expensive than most meats here.

Anyway, I guess its just as well. Cheese is one of my weakness.

Do, you mind my asking, how much do you pay for cheese?


JulieMom said...

Well, with the current exchange rate, for cheap cheese (Gouda) we pay about $3.50 a pound.

But if you want the good stuff? About $6.00 a pound. So we don't eat much of it here either. Feta is our cheapest (and favorite!) option. :0)

Anonymous said...

I worked out all the conversions - about $3.34 a pound. But that's for the tasteless value brand cheese. For tastier mature cheddar, still the cheapest value brand, $4.41 a pound.

Anonymous said...

For parmesan you're looking at $12 a pound at least...

I love cheese though.

Dani Joy said...

Some cheeses here in Spain are pretty expensive! they can go for about 5-6€ a pound but I get the cheaper ones. They can go for about 3€ a pound. Unless I buy the processed cheese then that´s really a big drop in price. I don´t buy the processed cheese though. Sooo I would say we pay about the same as you all. considering the exchange rate. (which I am not sure what it´s at right now. I know bad missionary. but I really don´t like to know lately)