Thursday, May 28, 2009

Be careful what you wish for!

Our living/dining area is oddly shaped. As you come into the front door, there is a small area, I assume intended for living room, then the room expands, again assuming for dining area, as it si closer to the kitchen. But that did not makes sense to cram all the living room furniture in the small area and let my dining room table float in the larger area. So we switched them. It freaks people out to come in and see the table first. Anyway, we always wanted to remodel so as to make the smaller area bigger.
We received a "supernatural financial blessing" so we decided to move ahead with the project. So now I have two workmen here every day, and one of them is staying with us........for four weeks! ARRRGHHH!
I also decided that the new living area was going to be different. Its going to be painted RED! Yep, I am going to live on the wild side! No more beiges and creams for me. All kidding aside, I just felt that for once in my life, I would take a risk. You know what? I looked on the Sherwin-Williams web site, found the right red, and guess what? The colors that the remaining walls are, are exactly the complementary colors that they would choose!

The new camera will be here tomorrow, so I'll take some "before" photos.

BTW, since the new camera will be here, I will be posting a gajillion photos. Please bear with me!


Dani Joy said...

Wow that´s great! I hope it turns out just how you had hoped.

We just painted our bedroom with a red and moave. I posted before and after pictures, too. ;)

´Can´t wait to see yours.

relax and know that it will all be done but the shoutin´!

Mrs. Julie Fink said...

how fun for you! looking forward to seeing the pictures soon.

Anonymous said...

How fun! Red is one of my very favorite colors--although I haven't been brave enough to paint any walls that color yet. (o;

Can't wait to see the pictures!