Thursday, May 07, 2009

Too busy again

This week has been unbelievebly busy, and the end is nowhere in sight. Neil was gone for 2 days, so that makes things a little more difficult.

We switched the Mafil ladies Bible study to Wednesday, so that we could have more time for the study in Lanco. As I said in another post, we've restructured the group into four different tables with leader at each table. We are now having a 3 o'clock meeting for the four leaders at my house. That way we can encourage and instruct them, so that they can lead and occasionly teach their groups. They are really excited at getting some leadership training. But the truth is, its servanthood training.
The meeting went good. We had 19 ladies, so we were thrilled. In Mafil we had 3 besides Mom and me. I taught about Cain and Able. They had heard about Cain and Able, but knew nothing about them. I used a flash card lesson. Only one of the ladies can read and write. Please pray for one lady named Claudia. She has so many problems with no visible solution, and she has become so discouraged.

We are having a big puppet event this Saturday. Please pray. I have to bake some cakes and work at the sign-up table. OK by me! Mom has to do puppets. Eileen wanted to do the puppets, but she's at the sign-up table instead.- Oh well, next time, BabyDoll!

Tomorrow we have to go into the city for Vanessa's six-month check up. That means we get to start her on real food. I am hoping that it will help her sleep more during the night. A mother can hope, can't she? Sleep deprivation is getting to me!

We are waiting for two more documents to arrive from the US to move forward with the container paperwork. Please pray.

We will be getting a new camera to replace the broken one, but in one month. I can't wait! If you all could see our Vanessa, it would brighten your day!

Blessings to you all, pray for your missionaries!


Anonymous said...

You sound so busy!

I will pray for you and for other missionaries.


Everyday M.moms said...

Busy and happy,

Hello, my name is Ana and I'm a missionary in Brazil.

I have set up a blog for missionary and everyday moms, would apprecite if you could come over and visit us some time.