Friday, April 02, 2010

Back to Work!

We did have a busy summer, but now the real work has started. Back to Ladies Bible study, Kids club, homeschooling (with a toddler, toddling), visitation, dicipleship, cooking, cleaning, laundry. Makes me want to be a hermit!

We are also getting ready for furlough starting in September. There is so much to do. I really need to get back to Flylady, as she seems to help me get some structure in my life.


I have been greatly blessed reading all my favorite blogs. I love to hear what the Lord is doing in all your lives and ministries. I have also been challenged. I am trying to figure our how to be tolerant without compromising my convictions. Many people in my world consider any type of tolerance to be compromise. But I don't think that is so. I have found that you can find Scripture to support apparently opposing views, so some degree of tolerance is required. I mean, what if I'm wrong? Oh the horror! Of course I don't think I'm wrong.....
I have also come to see the importance of letting the Holy Spirit do his work of correcting the views of others. I have to remember that God doesn't need my help.

On a different note, Vanessa has now learned to give kisses, after all this time. We love her kisses! But, the little flirt will kiss just about anyone, even blowing kisses to perfect strangers!


Anonymous said...

Hope you have a wonderful Easter.

Robin said...

Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog - I look forward to getting to "knowing you" better!

And for the record, I think the Holy Spirit does a much better job convicting people than I ever could. I think our job is to love. Sometimes that's a hard job - but it is always an effective one!

Rhonda in Chile said...

Hi Sarah! Always good to see you.

Hi Robin!
Thanks for stopping by! Yes, loving is the harder part. Of course the Holy Spirit doesn't often follow my timetable. Ha!