Friday, April 09, 2010


Everybody has their own beliefs about prayer. Some say that prayer is just about agreeing with God and his will. Even Henry Blackabee believes this. He tells a story about the year he bought his son a blue bike, and then gently coaxed his son into wanting and asking for a blue bike.

This sounds good and extremely respectful of the sovereignty of God. I mean, God has everything under control and planned out. And as this sounds good, I would believe it whole-heartedly.

But then there are other Scriptures to consider. My favorite is Luke 18:1-8. This is a story about a widow who pleads with an unjust judge to help her. He does not agree with her nor does he want to help her, but finally does because she bugs him to death. Jesus told us to pray like that widow. Why would God want us to pray like that?

Another favorite is the story about the man who begs for bread from his friend for his guest late at night. The friend does not want to help, but does because of the insistance of the man. Jesus said we are to pray like that. Pray as though we were trying to change God's mind. Sounds blasphemous, doesn't it?

This post is not meant to teach anything, but rather air out my questions about prayer.. Do I just pray "Thy will be done"? or do I pray for what I want or need as though it depended on my insistance? Seems to my like Scripture says to do both.


Anonymous said...

I would say prayer is the practice of our personal relationship with God. There are many forms this communication can take, praise, requests, asking for His will to be done, asking for blessing, help, understanding, etc. Scripture mentions requests, supplication, praise. God knows our needs, but I believe He wants us to communicate with Him.

That's how I understand prayer anyway. I have heard it said that you don't need to ask God for anything because He knows what you need even before you ask. But scripture encourages us to prayer and supplication. God doesn't want us to worry (because He holds us in His mighty hands), but He does want us to cast all our cares before Him.

Rhonda in Chile said...

Very well put. I agree.

Anonymous said...

What an interesting post! I'm reading a book by Dr. Dennis Corle called The Discipline of Prayer, so far it is excellent.

Rhonda, I looked for the post about eating the doughnut and I don't have it anymore. Sorry. )o: