Monday, April 19, 2010

A story of redemption

Sometimes God redeems twice.

Denise had been coming to our church since she was about 9 years old. We loved her and her family. Denise learned to play the piano, by ear.. She is the only Chilean I know who can play hymns, gosple style. She just watched me, then she would imitate. Amazing!
Her parents always has problems, and a few years ago they sepated. This caused extreme emotional trauma, and soon none of the 4 kids were coming to church. It was sad to run into them on the street, and see the changes in them. We soon found out that Denise was playing the keyboard in rock band.

2008. Denise and her mom show up at my house. We spoke briefly. I invited them to come and talk anytime, but they never returned. Soon we found out that Denise was pregnant. Her mother kicked her out of the house, so she moved in with the baby's father and his family. One day last year, Denise showed up with her baby at church. She seemed distant and a bit defiant, but she was there. It was on-again-off-again for a while. Then she started inviting her boyfriend. He came occasionaly. Very nice, not your typical rock band drummer.
Two weeks ago, Denise came to me a told me that she was ready to make things right. But as long as she is living in sin, there is not much she can do. So we have been praying for Christian, her boyfriend, to be saved. For the past month they have come to all the services, including Wednesdays.

Well, yesterday morning, after a great sermon by a visiting preacher, Christian came forward to be saved!!!!!!! We were all so excited because not only is God saving someone, he is redeeming a bad situation. From the ashes of sin, he will raise up a Christian family. We are thrilled.


Anonymous said...

That's wonderful!

Carrie said...

I am SO happy for Christian and Denise. I am sure your heart is overflowing having one come back to the fold.
Love & Prayers