Monday, April 12, 2010

Quake victims

Neil and I were invited to a special event where a mission church was formally establishing ftheir new pastor. The night before there was a dinner fellowship for several pastors. We attended both. (first over-nighter without the baby...woohoo!)
Also attending the events were the pastors and their wives who were most affected by the earthquake. First, Juan and Monica, who lost their parsonage and church building. They are basically OK, but are overwhelmed with work. Their church is small, and Juan doesn't have help. His wife is 2 months pregnant and she has been helping to remove the rubble and help with reconstruction, not a good thing for a pregnant mommy. They need help.

The other, Gary and Loreto are better....and worse. Their kitchen has been rebuilt and their appliances replaced. But they seem jittery and unsettled. Their city was harder hit. The aftershocks still happen. Financially, they seem OK. Emotionaly, they seem to be not so good.

Would you pray with me for them? We are helping both families financially and with physical labor, but only the healing power of the Holy Spirit can soothe their souls.

Thank you

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Anonymous said...

I will pray too for comfort, peace and blessings. xxx