Monday, April 26, 2010

Yet another great weekend

Well, not all of it was great. Our kid's Bible club was down again. We only had 25 kids. There are so many other things diverting their attention on Saturday, but mostly soccer. Catholicism is supposedly the main religion here, but the truth is that Soccer is King. They worship at the soccer field.

Sunday was better. We had 165 people on Sunday. That was so wonderful-. We also had 3 people make professions of faith in Christ. The Lord has added many to his family lately. We are all doing our best to ground the new believers in their faith. Please pray for Vivian, Christian, Luz and Marcelo, Manuel, Miriam, Nicole and Jocelyn. There are several others in the dicipleship program, but I cannot remember all their names.

We have a Couple's dinner planned for this Saturday night. We have games, teaching about marriage and a dinner. They love it! We have several couples invited who are not yet married, but living together. We are praying that the Lord will convict them, and give them a desire to make things right. We have had several couples get married. They know us really well down at the Justice of the peace.

Please pray also for two of our young people who decided that they like each other. The problem is that they do not have the guidance that they need and are headed for trouble fast. We do our best to plead and warn, but it seems that they are not listening. It breaks my heart to see them headed for a lifetime of problems.

Ah, the life of a missionary....

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Thinking of you and wondering how you are.....