Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Artist Brian Jekel

Remeber the painting I posted a while back of the Boy Jesus in the Temple? I love it, and a print I have of a painting of Jesus and Peter on the water, also by Brian Jekel.

Anyway, a few days ago, I spent several hours organizing Sunday School material at Church. We have a great many flash card Bible stories by A Beka Book. They are fabulous. The lessons are great, as is the art.
So, as I am sorting through the flash cards, I read the titles. "Written by so-and-so...... artwork by Brian Jekel"! I was so surprised, and then I wasn't! It is great artwork.

I am so glad that there are such good artist serving God's Kingdom. This missionary thanks you!

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Brian said...

Ronda, I ran across you kind remarks about my artwork and thankyou for them. They will help me continue through the difficult days as I paint. Hope you have a blessed week. Kind regards, Brian Jekel Col 3:23