Tuesday, July 31, 2007

I am so glad....

....to be serving the true God!

Last Fourth of July, I put my American flag in the window. It was rainy and cold, but we had a little celebration. Later that afternoon and I was heading out to Ladies Bible Study, some mormon missionaries had stopped by to see who the other Americans were in town. Neil had just come home and was talking to them. They talked for quite a while. Neil told them of how we had visited the temple square in Salt Lake City. He challenged them with the truth and to read the Bible. After 1.5 hours, all the poor gringo could say was, "My parents are mormons, my grandparents are mormons......." Neil pointed to my mom and said, "She used to be a mormon, her grandparents came to America with the mormons, but she found the truth".

It would be so easy to believe that we're all getting to Heaven some day, that our sincerity in any religion would count for something. We'd like to think that these nice young people giving two years of their lives for their god would be counted to them for righteousness.

Neil's favorite verse is John 14:6. If Jesus said the he was the way, the truth and the life, why would we think there could be any other way? If there were any other way, than Jesus is a liar. But He's not, because he cannot lie. That means somebody else is lying and a whole lot of people are deceived.

That's why we are here. To proclaim the truth of the living God to every creature, one soul at a time. We are few, but we are doing our part, which is all He asks of us.


Sarah Joy said...

My husband was talking to a couple of Mormon missionaries in our home town, and when they found out that we were missionaries they were blown away-You mean you plan to go there and live?? To stay??

I'm also thankful I serve a God I can spend my life for and know that it was completely worth it!

Anonymous said...

I read about what the Mormons really believe recently and was quite shocked. I knew that they didn't believe that Jesus was God and that they believed in baptism of the dead, so I knew they were a cult. But that was as far as my knowledge went. I didn't realise just how strange and just how far from the Bible their beliefs really went.

A VERY strange religion.

Rhonda said...

Yes, a very strange religion, and most mormons have no idea what they believe. Its so sad.
I'm happy to be a missionary with purpose!
It is worth it!