Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Facing the Giants

I finally saw it! And I loved it. To quote Larry the Cucumber, "I laughed, I cried, it moved me, Bob!"
I have seen Christian films that were just horrible. I really liked this one.

So, I googled it just now, I wanted to see what others had said. Here are some quotes from Wikipedia:
For such a small budget -- $100,000 -- the film ultimately was shown in over 1,000 theaters and grossed over $10,000,000 as of 2007-01-01.

The film has been given mostly bad reviews. It has only 9% positive reviews on Rottentomatoes.com with many reviewers describing it as "cliche" and "amateurish," to "appallingly bad." [8] The film had a low budget and lack of "professional" talent, yet some reviewers hint that Hollywood often doesn't do as well

Josh Rosenblatt wrote, "its feel-good storyline, shopworn message, and bottomless sermonizing would have played better in Sunday school than on the big screen, which is — let’s face it — Babylon’s turf.
End of quotes

So, lets recap. Apparently horrible, preachy movies makes 10,000,000 dollars after having spent only 100,000. Hmmm
Mr. Rosenblatt clearly sees that Hollywood is Babylon's turf. Hmmm very interesting. Mr. Rosenblatt, you are right! About the Babylon thing, not about the movie. The movie was great. I tried not to cry, but I did anyway.
Oh, and I don't even like football!


Michelle said...

Both my hubby and I cried.
We just recognized God's faithfulness through and through.

Rhonda said...

Yeah, I even cried the second time I saw it!