Monday, July 30, 2007


Several great comments were made about my last post. Michelle said that she believed that the hardest part was dying to "self"
It just so happens that I was reading a book yesterday (no matter how insanely busy I am, I always find a few minutes to read) and I found this poem by Amy Carmichael

God, harden me against myself,
The coward with pathetic voice
Who craves for ease and rest and joy.
Myself, arch-traitor to myself,
My hollowest friend,
My deadliest foe,
My clog, whatever road I go.

Whenever I am feeling super-spiritual, I just have to read a little Amy Carmichael to cut me down to size.



That cuts us right down to the level we are, doesn't it. Now all we can do is look up to the One who is our All in All. Have a good week. connie from Texas

Rhonda said...

Yes, Connie! I am so glad that I serve a Saviour who never dissappoints, never changes, and never fails.
I can become what I must be because He is who HE is.

Mrs.B said...

I know what you mean about Amy Carmichael's writings!--they do the same for me, Praise the Lord!