Saturday, July 07, 2007

A Pilgrim Mindset

When Eileen and I visited California, we ooohed and aaahed for days. America is so beautiful! Lawns are immaculately manicured. The houses are so huge and beautiful. Shopping is awesome. So much to choose from! And don't even get me started on the candy. Most people had nice huge cars. Nice hair and makeup. Nice clothes. Nice, nice furniture.

The Lord saw fit to remind me several times while I was there that I do not belong there. Too bad. Nor do I belong in Chile. I do belong in Heaven, and I'm on my way. Just passing through this place that will someday fade as quickly as a memory of a dream. I shouldn't get too attached to anything here. Why should I? This place is a rental. No sense putting down roots in a rental.

Now, what is Heaven like? Not sure, but I have a hunch I'm going to feel right at home.


Mrs.B said...

This is so true Rhonda!! I've had some of the same thoughts. I hate how comfortable I get in this world sometimes.

Oh! I saw a travel show that featured Santiago, Chile and it made me think of you...Is that where you are? It was a beautiful city! It was so CLEAN!

Anonymous said...

Yes, our home is heaven and even in the most pretty place on this earth it's only our temporary home.

Rhonda said...

Hey there, my friends!
Yes, Mrs.B, there are parts of Santiago that are very beautiful, and most of it is very clean. Most housewives or their maids, (yes, most middle-to-upper class folks have maids) go out and sweep the street every day!

Anyway, I must remember that even Eden is not Heaven!

Michelle said...

mmm -
Love the insight. Just love it. So true!