Thursday, July 26, 2007

Oh, I hate to be so busy!

First of all, my blogger dashboard is in German today! What???!!!!

Second, last week we had some bad news. A man who has been coming to our mission church in Mafil had a terrible accident at work. A can of varnish blew up on him. He had 65% of his body burned. He died on Monday and we went to his funeral yesterday. He had started coming to our church because he has a daughter who is deaf. He was a pentecostal, but they had no deaf ministry. He told us that he wanted his daughter to "hear" the Gospel, so he started attending our church. According to his testimony, he was saved. Even so, it is a terrible, terrible thing that has happened. Please pray for Kati, his daughter, that we might be able to help her.

The man who will be covering for Neil while we are on furlough arrived with his family this morning for a preview trip. They are resting now, or I wouldn't be able to blog. I don't really enjoy having sleepover company who I don't know really well, so this week will be difficult for me.

We have so much to do before furlough! I feel like just burying my head in the sand!

We had a great prayer meeting last night. There were 63 people there, which is a Wednesday night record. We had several visitors, which is odd for a Wed. night.

I had planned a great birthday for Neil for Monday. We were getting taking the kids bowling, and going for Chinese food, and then we received the news that Jaime had died. Needless to say, it was quite a wet blanket on the B-day plans.

As you know, I have not been writing, but I have been reading, and you all are a blessing to me. Please keep us in your prayers.

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