Saturday, March 01, 2008

Modesty and shamefacedness, revisited

Don't mean to harp on a controversial subject, but I can't help myself!
When an unsaved journalist is more honest than many Christians, its time to take notice!
Today on, there is an article about Hannah Montana. I have never seen an episode, but I have seen her photos all over the place.

Here's a link to the article, and below is a quote.
"The virginity shtick, which is overrated, is also pretty insincere. Either that or it's as confused as a hot dog with frosting. There is one point to dressing sexy: to attract sex partners. Anyone who says otherwise is in a losing argument with Mother Nature. "

We need to be more and more modest about our dress! All (ok, alot of) the 'tween girls in the US want to dress and act like Hannah Montana.


Tori said...

I so agree. I watched something once about her and another popular guy actor and they were talking about being Christians and virgins and I was like, What??? How can you dress like that and not let it effect you.

I'm surprised at how Christians dress. Even today in good IFB churches ladies are wearing shorter and shorter skirt, strait skirts that they couldn't bend over on for anything and low cut tops that accentuate all that they shouldn't. It's a shame. But you know what's sad, teens and young women are dressing like that because youth pastor's wives are dressing like that.

I heard once that the wife of a youth pastor has to especially careful because those that follow her will follow her one step below her. So if she wears skirts right at the knees then for sure they will wear them a little shorter. Just how it is.

Great reminder Rhonda!!!

Rhonda said...

Yep! But that brings us to another point. What king of youth leaders do we have? I know I've blogged about Voddie Baucham before, and he is totally against youth pastors and segregated youth ministries. I do not hold to that point, as we have youth meetings and such, but his point is welltaken when he asks "Why do we have a young man who has raised no children of his own, pastoring our children?" Often the youth pastor is young and wants to hve fun with the teens, and his wife? Who knows! How can she be a Titus 2 example when she is only a few years older than the girls under her?'
You should download "family driven faith" from his website. It will bless you!

Mrs.B said...


I completely agree with your post and Tori brought up some good points too!

I must say though that I don't completely agree with this line of reasoning from Voddie Baucham:

"Why do we have a young man who has raised no children of his own, pastoring our children?"

Does this mean that a man who is not married or have children couldn't be a Pastor? I don't think you can say that. You don't need to have had children to be able to Pastor them as long as you are following Biblical principles. I think both Paul and Timothy are good examples of this. Personally I think God knew that some would take this view and that's why he had the Apostle Paul, who was unmarried and therefore had no children, write most of the marriage and child rearing advice that is given in the New Testament. While I realize that it's God who wrote the Bible He chose to use an unmarried man to give us advice on marriage--kind of ironic, huh? (o;

I actually knew of a church who said they'd never want a man to come and be their Pastor who didn't have children. I personally think that is an unbiblical view to take.

You also said:

How can she be a Titus 2 example when she is only a few years older than the girls under her?'

I can see what you're saying, however I'm thinking of our Youth Pastor's wife who is quite young and a wonderful example to our young ladies. And yes, she is young and dresses in some of the current styles but it is always in good, modest Christian taste. Our Pastor is wonderful and has extremely high dress standards for the workers and/or employees of our church. I think that is the problem....weak Pastors who don't have a handle on their staff.

I'm not trying to be contentious but I wanted to add a different perspective to this discussion.


Rhonda said...

Hi, Mrs B!
Your comments are always welcome!
What I am talking about is the average church, not the good ones! On furlough we visited amny different Baptist churches, and you could really see some sad things. Bro. Baucham is a Southern Baptist, and I think he's seen a lot of what I saw. We even saw Churches where the young people are on a different campus from the adults!

What I am for is church activities that encourage interaction between the older and younger women and we don-t see enough of that, even in the good churches. Know what i mean?

So good to have you here!

Sis. Julie said...

Oh boy do I know they do!! Hannah Montana is such a hot topic these days. It sickens me and breaks my heart too. My 3 yr old niece is very into her too. And her parents encourage it all the time. Her momma was just singing a song of hers with her daughter a few minutes ago. That infuriates me so much and they know that we are against her and her songs. We don't allow it when we babysit her but when her parents are here I leave it to my husband to say something and he doesn't. He doesn't want to make waves. Please pray for me about a lot of things I'm dealing with right now. I appreciate it so much!!

You're in my prayers as well as your family is.

Anonymous said...

OK so who is Hannah Montana? I've googled she some Disney actress or something? Is she a bad example? Lol, I'm a bit behind the times here! :)

Anonymous said...

...ok read the article, which I should have read first, I see what you mean now.