Friday, September 22, 2006

Believing God

My friend Wendy lent me this book while I was in Santiago. It was the first Beth Moore book for me and I liked it very much. I had the priviledge of being raised in a Christian home where we saw what living by faith was. One of the things that I liked about Neil was that even though we came from very different backgrounds, he had the same ideas about living by faith. Our "heroes" to this day are George Mueller and Hudson Taylor.

Reading this book was a great reminder that God is God. Sometimes we get bogged down with the cares of the life, that we forget that He is the reason why we are here. He longs to have us come to Him and believe that He will do for us what we need.

Here in Chile they have socialized medical care. This means that if you cannot pay, you must wait. And Wait. There is a lady in my Church who has some kind of malady, (I can't figure it out exactly, she says her legs hurt so bad she can't come to Sunday morning services) Anyway, we've been praying that she will get an appointment to see the specialist. What am I saying?????? Why don't we just ask got to heal her? He can, can't he? Of course He can!

It was a good book and I recommend it. I will probably buy it for myself.


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Michelle said...

I got the book! Someone gave it to me. HVent' opened it yet, but I did the Living Beyond Yourself bible study and loved it. So, I expect to enjoy this one.