Wednesday, September 20, 2006

html help

Could somebody please help me learn to make link with an image? Very slowly, I am blonde you know!


Mrs.B. said...

I will e-mail you's one of the few html things I do know how to do! LOL....I just hope I can explain it so that you'll understand.

Anonymous said...

hey rhonda, thanks for the comment. yes, i did get your message that you got the flashlight...sorry, i thought i wrote you back after has been a bit crazy since we got back from chile. i'm glad the kids are getting a kick out of the flashlight. =) your adventure in santiago sounds like a good time...=( but glad you are all okay and back home.

things here are pretty good. i moved in with mom and we're pretty much settled now (it took a while). school is moving along with all it's interesting quirks and frustrating situations but i'm having fun with the kids in my classes. volleyball season has started and my team has won it's first two matches (much exceeding my pre-season expections). i'm waiting to hear about a part-time job that i interviewed yesterday. it's just an evenings thing but hopefully it will work out.

mom and i are gonna be meeting up with toby and jill down in pennsylvania the weekend of oct. 7 (also mom's bday) for homecoming at bbc. that should be great fun!

well, hope all is well with you guys. mom sends her saludos. love you! say hi to neil, eileen, and ronnie. =)


Rhonda said...

Hey Jodi!!!
Glad you could stop by! So glad things are going good for you.
Saludos to your Mom and Toby and Fam

Rhonda and Family

Shari said...

there's a cool website that gives examples for html, that you can just cut and paste...

it won't let me put the html code here, but it's in the graphics section of funky chickens (don't mind the funny name it's actually a simple html tutorial. lol.

Arlene said...

If you still need help, I could email you... blogger won't let me post my comment with html code in it :o( Leave me a comment/shoutbox message.

Rhonda said...

Thanks Y'all! You will find out soon if I figured it out!