Saturday, September 02, 2006

Why I like my Church

On the eve of another Lord's Day, I want to thank God for my Church. I love my Church. Of course it doesn't hurt that my husband is the pastor ;) I love our people. Even the stinky ones with the bad attitudes. I love it when I see people grow and change.

I love the way we sing. We love to sing. We sing 5 or 6 hymns or choruses, all the verses. We read a portion of Scripture. We've read through John and Romans, we are in Genesis right now. We read through, we don't skip over the hard parts. The poor gal who tries to sign for the deaf had a hard time of it during the portion about Dinah. Who was supposed to teach her the sign for "circumsicion"?

I love to see backsliders return to the fold, repentant. I love to see the brethren welcome them back.

I love to see a heart-felt communion service, where people reconcile with their brethren. Watching the tears flow, you understand the reason God instituted this supper with its rules and guidelines.

I love to see first-time visitors who are surprised that we are not charismatic. Most catholics think that all non-catholics are are charismatic. The visitors are surprised by the calm order of our services.

I love my Church, do you love yours? Why?



Mrs.B. said...

There are *many* things I love about our church but I'll just share one......when our Pastor is standing at the back saying goodbye to everyone and taking a minute to shake everyone's hand and talk to them for a minute, and it comes our turn, he often tells us how much he loves us. Now my Pastor is a 'guys guy'. He's tough and hates sin but he LOVES his people, sincerely!

Anonymous said...

I love my church because God placed us in it. My husband is also the pastor so of course I love our pastor very much. God has given us a church that has no problem with discord or disunity or any problems that would tear a church apart. Are we immune to it happening...absolutely not!! But our people love God and love their pastor. I love my church because we stand for the Truth and for Right!! We take a stand against sin and preach repentance. Churches preach salvation by faith in the Lord Jesus Christ but many don't even mention repentance for fear of it running people off. Our church believes in repentance and there being a change once a person is saved. I love our church because we have godly music...not music that plays on the flesh. I love to see visitors come in and get blessed. I love to see the lost walk the aisle and give their heart to Jesus and get up with a gleam in their eye and a spring in their step. There are so many reasons why I love our church....I could go on and I think this will do for now.

Happymama said...

I love my church because our Pastor isn't afraid to let go and let God take over the service. We like to sing too. Our Choir usually sings an opening chorus and we usually always have two special choir songs, but that can change at any given moment. We've been known to have four or five choir songs. To be honest, our song service usually goes for an hour and then Pastor will end up preaching almost an hour. Needless to say, we don't beat the Methodist to the restaurnts, we just wave by to them as we pull in the parking lot. LOL But we have a lot of great services, like tonight for instance, the Holy Ghost of God fell on our service and although Pastor didn't preach, there were several preachers in the service that stood up and gave "mini sermons" that were prompted by the Holy Spirit. They were GOOD TOO! There were testimonies all over the building of God's goodness. There were people coming to the alter praying for spiritual healing, physical healing, and just thanking Him for what He's done in their lives. A couple that has had marital problems for MONTHS took that first step into the isle toward the alter, asking God to help them. A mother and father who were just told their newborn baby girl is deaf, brought her to the alter and had her prayed over. Another man who has been coming off and on for several months just could not take it any longer and knelt to accept Christ. And we had two baptized!! I cried so much tonight, I have what I call a holy headache. LOL People really DO think our IFB church is charismatic. LOL I was part of a DEAD church for a LONG time and services like this is like drinking cool clear water in a dry and baren desert.


Anne said...

Rhonda ~ It's so refreshing to read about why you love your church. So many go to church and then have "roast preacher" for the lunch meal.

I too love my church for various reasons. But I guess the biggest reason I love my church is because we're being guided by a pastor who loves missions and loves to spread the Word in whatever way possible. Pastor takes the Bible seriously and to heart when he reads "go ye into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature".

I love the fact that missionaries come by our church often to present their work or to fire us up once more. I especially enjoy the month of February ~ our missions month. I have nothing against conferences or special meetings, but every year towards the end of January, there is a sense of anticipation to see what God is going to do during February. When we took up the Faith Promise at the beginning of March, for the first time ever, our people committed to giving over $200,000. Amen! That's why I love our church. Thanks for letting me ramble on:)

Dawn said...

I love my church for so many reasons. My dad used to pastor this church, and built the facility. I was married there, my kids were dedicated there, both of my kids were married there, and their children have been dedicated there. We have had hard times when Satan tried to destroy us. But a core of us hung in and God has blessed. We love missions, we love youth, we love our senior citizens, our children, our young couples. We have wonderful music and great preaching.

Dandelion Seeds said...

This is off topic, but I am writing to let you know that there is a 48 hour prayer chain started for Susan Godfrey (you are on her blog's list of friends). Please spread the word so we can cover this family in prayer.

In Him,

Dawn said...

I'm listening to the radio station that you linked, right here at work. It is great. It's awesome that all over the world we can listen to the same great music and be in touch at any moment.

I hope things are going well with you.

Crystal said...

I saw you were on Susan's friend's list and I also wanted to let you know that we are putting together a special encouragement box for the Godfreys. More information is here

Thank you for helping to uphold this dear family.