Friday, September 22, 2006

Visitor Map

As you can see, I have a stat counter. I recently discovered the visitor map it provides. What "scope for the imagination"! I have been having a great old time looking at that map and wondering about my fellow bloggers. I cannot figure out who most of them are, but I have discovered a few. I see when Susan comes to visit, and Dawn, Kristi, Julie and Arlene. Ok, so finding Arlene on the map is not really that hard.

The sad part is that most of you live far away from where we spend time in the US when we go. I do seem to have 2 readers from SoCal, but have not identified them, which is prabably exactly what they want! And I may try to swing a trip to Ensenada someday. Most of the rest of you live East and South. The farthest we have ever gone East and South is Alabama! As far as the North East, well, I'll probably see you in Heaven! My friends from Maine have to come to Chile for us to see each other!

I seem to have some readers in England. Hello, Sarah, if you're still there! We miss you!

Some probably stumble onto my blog by accident. Still, I get curious as to how or why they come.

Like I said, "scope for the imagination!"


Michelle said...

it is a bunch of fun that is for sure. Oh and perhaps you would like this link:

I just found it myself and am enjoying scrolling through . . .

Anne said...

Here, I'll help you out:D I'm from PA:o)

Rhonda said...

Thanks for the tip, Michelle,

and thank you Anne, that's what I was hoping for ! Of course, I probably could have figured that out. Silly me

Anonymous said...

Hi Rhonda,
I "stumbled on your blog by accident" through Susan Godfrey's blog. I am new to the blog world (don't have one of my own) and most I read aren't very edifying. Some aren't meant to be so -- some are just informative for families to keep in touch, which is great (just no reason for me, a stranger to read). The first exposure I had to blogs were from college students (I'm not too far removed from that), and I know this sounds harsh, but it just seemed like a bunch of introspective ramblings! However, the first thing I read on your blog was on dancing and I thought - whoa -- where did she come from? This is exactly right! And then movies, and loving your church, and now Christian fiction! I live in Wisconsin and my next door teacher (2nd grade -- I'm 1st grade) grew up in Chile as an MK! It's absolutely thrilling to hear of someone out there so like minded. We have the same God - the same yesterday, today, and forever!
Thanks for your blog -- it's a huge encouragement!
Sincerely in Christ,

Rhonda said...

Hello Jolene!
Glad you stopped by, and its always nice to find a like-minded sister in Christ.
I find that blogging helps to keep me sharp. I find the encouragement and conviction I need, and occasionaly, a challenge to my way of thinking. But all in all, its been good.
God bless,

Arlene said...

No fair -- you can tell when I visit, but I don't know when you visit! :P Hey, do you have any other visitors from Japan, or is it just me? Just wondering :~)