Wednesday, September 27, 2006

My other Church

Many IFB missionaries are not sent out by a mission board, but by the home Church. We were sent out by the Lighthouse Baptist Church, in LaVerne, CA.

We are grateful to them for their care and support. If all missionaries were cared for the way we are, there would be more missionaries still on the field.

If you live in this area, and are looking for a good church, you won't find a better one anywhere!


Susan said...

We're independent missionaries too! I enjoyed looking at your home church's website!

Anonymous said...

Love looking at other people's church websites. Especially as our church will be updating ours soon and it has been hinted that I might be involved (not in the technical stuff though, lol) so it's good to get ideas in case I do get involved. Our current website link is on my sidebar.