Friday, September 29, 2006

A housekeeping "Aha!" moment

One of my many challenges as a housekeeper has always been washing the dishes. Once, when we were first married, I left a sink full of dirty dishes when we left for a week of camp. Yikes! Mold!
After 13 years of marriage, and 3 years of Flylady, I have been doing much better, but not really conquering the problem.

When we were in Santiago, we spent a good deal of time with our friends that have 8 children, the youngest 4 being 4 and under. My friend is a neat-nick, so I tried to be helpful. Since I couldn't nurse her baby, I helped with the dishes and the cooking. In that house you have to wash dishes all the time. As soon as you see 2 or 3 dishes, you wash them and put them away. Its just that simple.
I know, I know, that is what everyone has been saying all along, I just never actually saw it in action. Now I have, and I see the wisdom and practicality of it.

Now, for another "Aha!" housekeeping and and motherhood moment. I had been waiting for my kids to grow up to be able to delegate the dishwashing. Well, after a long visit to "Large Family Logistics" I realized that instead of delegating, I need to be washing the dishes with them. It makes the work go faster and provides needed "bonding time", so far, good for my girl and good for my boy. IMHO, all boys need to at least be able to wash dishes and cook. God willing, he will have a fine wife someday, but that gal just might get sick one day, and she'll be glad to know that her MIL taught her boy the tricks of the cooking and cleaning trade.


Mrs.B. said...

I also think when you do chores *with* your children you teach them that work is fun! Not a solitary, lonely drudgery.

Good for you!

I, too, think boys need to be taught basic household chores. I mean he may not get married until later in never know what God has in store. (o:

Michelle said...

. . . and how to use a washing machine. We've seen many a young man just baulk at this task because they HAD NEVER EXPERIENCED IT! :-)
My MIL did a great job teaching her son independant living skills. His standards are higher than mine, it has caused me to challange myself! But when I am sick, or he helps me out - it really helps me out!

Anonymous said...

Lol, I remember my hubby putting a single pair of his underpants into the wash on a full load wash, what a waste!...although that didn't say much for my housekeeping at the time that he had run out of clean underpants.

We have a dishwasher ;o)

Rhonda said...

Hey, Y'all!
My DH knows how to cook, but cleaning is waaaaayyyyy past him. Occasionaly, he'll put a load of laundry in the washer, then dry it, then leave it to wrinkle in the dryer, then proudly tell me he did the laundry! If I am ever sick, I keep up with the laundry for my own sanity!

My poor boy! He's going to be thoroughly trained! And my girl, she'll should be amply prepared for anything! Someday, she'll probably laugh at some of the silly mistakes her mama made when she was first married.:)