Friday, March 14, 2008

Money Matters

I have been reading Mary Hunt from Debt Proof Living and Dave Ramsey. Both are Christians and both were terribly into debt.
I haven't done any of their seminars or bought their premium content on the web because, frankly, I can't see spending money to learn how to get out of debt when I'm not in debt! I am interested in their money savings ideas, but when you're not in control of the family's finances, what-s the point?

Here's my opinion. Debt is bad (nothing new, I know) But its also a heart issue. Its a faith issue, Its a contentment issue. People get into debt when they buy stuff they cannot afford and didn't wait for God to give it to them or save up for it. No matter whose program you use to get out of debt, you still need to address the issues that got you into debt in the first place! Cutting up the credit cards you abused is a start, but that doesn't take care of the root of your problem.

We are in the savings part of money management, but this is where DH and I don't see eye to eye. Oh well.

I can't cut coupons because they don't have coupons here. I can't have a garage sale, 1. because they don't do that here, and 2. I cannot sell my junk to people who can barely afford to eat! We can't stop eating out, because we don't eat out! I make most of my food from scratch already.
What's left is contentment, that is not buying stuff. The best way to save money is not to spend it! (profound, I know!) This will also help me tame the Clutter Monster and Flylady will cheer!


Anonymous said...

I agree contentment is the issue in most cases...wanting what we can't have. I get that too. I try to avoid housey magazines and programmes on TV that make me discontent.

I did flylady for a bit but she put me off with the feng shui stuff and being promoted as a 'spiritual leader'. Lol I also got fed up with the zillion emails!!

Mrs.B said...

What's left is contentment, that is not buying stuff. The best way to save money is not to spend it!

Very true!

For awhile it seemed like everyone on the blogs was either selling what they have or throwing it all out. I'm all for decluttering but I wonder if they end up buying more stuff to replace what's gone--which in my opinion defeats the purpose of selling and decluttering.

It's like these make over shows that tell you to throw out all of your clothes that don't make you feel fabulous. I can see what they're trying to say but I just can't do something like that when there are people in the world who don't have clothes. What I try to do is learn from my mistake for next time.--But I still wear what I already have.

As you said, it's a heart issue.

Oh my! I think I got a bit fired up in your comment box.--So sorry! (o: ^^grins sheepishly^^


Tori said...

You know Rhonda, if you keep posting all these convicting posts, I might just have to loose your addy. *Ü*

I totally agree, it's a heart issue, being uncontent seems to ruin everything in our lives. Not only our finances but our friendships and most often, our marriages.

I appreciate this post and I can totally relate to your situation.