Thursday, March 20, 2008

So, what do missionaries do?

Well, to sum it up, we work with people. We share the Gospel, which you'd think they'd be happy to hear. Not usually. People all over the world think that they are OK. The same approach, that is getting people to understand that they are sinners, in need of God's forgiveness, is the same world over.
Once someone reaches the point where they understand their need for salvation, then begins the work of growing spiritually. Here we are at a great disadvantage, because we must start from the very beginning. Even basic things like lying and stealing must be addressed. Regular Church attendance is a foreign concept, since they were raised to go to church once in a while.
Of course, teaching isn't enough. We must also be patient, because they will only grow when they want to, not when I want them to. We must also let the Holy Spirit work. After all, if He's not doing the work, we are working in vain.
This process is defferent in every single person. Some grow quickly, some never grow. Some must be dealt with gently, sometimes a little "tough love" is necessary.
Often I wish there was a gauge by which to measure our successes or failures, but there realy isn't. Numbers alone are not a very accurate gauge.
Of course the only true measure for success in the ministry is this. Have I been faithful? If the answer is Yes, then we have been successful.


Tori said...

Good post Rhonda. Your right, dealing with people on the field is so much different than dealing with them in the states. At least in the states we can draw people from other churches, people who at least know the basics but not here. Since we are the only IFB church, we can't draw from anywhere so it takes time, like you said.

I so enjoy reading your posts, I feel like we live the same life. °Ü°

Rhonda said...

We are war-buddies, my friend!
I have a theory. There is the USA and then there is everybody else. You've been to one mission field, you've been to them all. I know that's an over-simplification, but it explains my feelings!