Saturday, March 08, 2008

What's up?

I have been looking at wedding gowns (I almost wrote "weeding gown" who needs a weeding gown?) for Sandra, who is going to be married next month. Hallelujah! We are a modest bunch and Sandra is more modest. She even has a hard time with short sleeves! (by personal choice) She is looking for a modest, long-sleeved gown. So what's with all the strapless gowns? At every single website, 95% of the gowns have been strapless, bosom-y affairs. When I got married, all the gowns had puffed sleeves, now we can't even find a sleeve!

Sorry, just needed to rant a while!
Its so much fun to be involved in wedding plans!


Tori said...

Do they still make wedding dresses with sleeves??? It's amazing some of the dresses brides are wearing. They're showing so much off they aught to change the white of their dress to black, they're anything but pure in those dresses.
I'm ranting with ya!!

Lauren said...

If you google modest wedding dresses, you will find some websites... I bought my dress form a company in Utah (they were probably Mormon), and ALL their dresses were modest. Mine had short sleeves, but there were some with 3/4 length sleeves that were very nice... check out I don't know if they still have any long-sleeved dresses, but maybe you could at least get some ideas.
I hope you find something suitable to Sandra's needs/desires.

amanda said...


Happymama said...

Hey, What up, Woman? Haven't "seen" you in ages. We should "visit" with each other more often. LOL

Have you thought about getting the wedding gown and altering it. Adding sleeves and changing necklines? It really is a shame! Here's a link you might want to try.


Michelle in Mx said...

When I got married in 2002 it was the same - mostly strapless gowns. UGH!