Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Good Husbands Are.....

Hardworking, humble, Christ-like, loving fathers, missions-minded and soul-winners. They are strong, responsible, selfless, and unafraid to drive a minivan! They are trustworthy, they are leaders. They are not wimpy. They are not "sensitive" nor are they "in touch with their feminine side". The good ones do not have a feminine side! LOL

As you know, I started another blog, this one is Spanish, for young ladies. I am trying to offer practical advice on how to determine if a guy is not a loser. There are so many losers out there, even in the Churches. So, I am trying to make a list of the most important traits, those that are absolutely necessary. Looks are actually irrelevant. I've seen some ugly guys whose wives think they are the handsomest.(gag) As Louisa May Alcott wrote "love is a great beautifier"

Here's my order. Besides being a child of God:
1.Hardworking (this is actually responsible, too)
2 Trustworthy (this also takes care of the pornography issue)
3.Evangelistic (a missionary and a soul-winner)

Now about the "humble" and "selfless". Its hard to get "strong" and "humble and selfless"
Those who are strong tend to not have self-esteem issues ; )

What do think the guys would say about this, huh?


PS, my husband loves our minivan!


Susan said...

As the wife of a strong, confident leader-man, I can guarantee that he doesn't have self-esteem issues! You hit that one on the head!

However, I have found in 21 years of marriage, that although he doesn't care what others think of him, he does want MY respect. He wants me to honor him and think he is the greatest thing since sliced bread. He wants me to support him when he makes decisions, even if I don't agree with the decisions. So even when a man has no self-esteem issues, he still wants his woman to think he is THE STUFF! :)

Happymama said...

Self esteem is a huge part of a wife's job, I believe.
My husband gets cracked up because no matter what he says he THINKS he can do, I always come back and confirm to him that he can. He believes that I believe he can do anything. Like if he reads a story about a doctor saving a life and says, "I think I'd be a good doctor." I say, "I know you would, baby!" If he sees someone bungee jump he'll say, "I bet I could bungee jump." And I'll say, "I bet you could too!" LOL He loves it when I encourage him like this. As a matter of fact, his brother, who was going through a really hard time in his marriage, noticed how often those little conversations took place and remarked one day that it was no wonder Bruce had such high self esteem and that he wished his wife had as much confidence in him as I had in Bruce. So where those little stories have a bit of humor in them, it does make a difference to your husbands self esteem. I never tell Bruce that he can't do something because it does make a difference when his wife thinks he can do anything.

Anonymous said...

My husband is the greatest!! He definitely doesn't have any self-esteem issues. Just go to my daughter Kristina's site and see her father's day picture she put on of her dad!!! He is better than I could ever ask for or expect in a husband. I do not deserve the husband God gave me!! But I praise God for him!! Oh...and he REFUSES to own nor drive a minivan...he hates them with a passion. You watch....we'll end up with one someday!!...LOL!!

Mrs.B. said...

My husband is **strong** and humble and selfless. But that has taken time.....when we started out he wasn't so humble LOL! He's grown in this area.

Anonymous said...

I just left a comment on someone else's site calling them you!! I thought maybe I should leave you a comment letting you know I'm thinking about you and I just said a prayer for you. The Lord must have wanted you to know this. It is 4:47 pm EST....maybe you're going through something right now that you needed prayer about...who knows!! Love you Sis!!

Rhonda said...

Hey, Y'all! Seems like you gals got yourselves some real Keepers!

I am trying to learn how to be more of an encourager.

Thanks Sis Julie for the prayers. The only danger we were in at the time was going deaf listening to DD violin lesson!LOL But prayers all always needed,who knows what your prayers preotected us from?
I love you all in the Lord,

Michelle said...

Humility and Strenth.

The bible says of Moses that he was the most humble man on earth (does it strike anyone funny that it was Moses that wrote that?)Yet he was by no means weak! He was a leader!

I've heard said that Humility is knowing who you are relative to God. But we can draw strength because of who we are in JESUS! For me personally that translates to humility being gratefulness, understanding we deserve NOTHING BUT DEATH, but yet we don't walk around - poor me, worthless me, awful terrible me - No! That would be contrary to what God has spoken of us - precious, loved, worth the death of His Son, redeemed! To walk in pious self-degredation is like saying that what Jesus did on the cross wasn't enough for me. That's pride!

Meekness is strenth under control. I see that like a mighty horse. Beautiful, powerful, but only good if it can be under reign . . .like us, so a "beautiful" man is one with strenth under control (God's) and that is humility for me. It has little to do with self-esteem.