Thursday, June 01, 2006

Another confession

My journey towards being a good housekeeper has been a long one. I was a terrible housekeeper to start with, but I soon realized that something must be done. Of course I had no idea where to start. You know what? I cannot even remember where I heard of Flylady! Anyway, dear Flylady gave me a start and I still receive her emails everyday.
My main problen has been consistency.(That's also been my diet problem, but thats another blog entry) I have been doing so good recently. The Preacher (my DH) loves coming home and seeing that shining sink! But last night was different. The Preacher came home from a hard day of Church-building, just to turn around and go to Prayer-meeting. Then afterward we came home and he wanted to eat. So I made supper and the Preacher had a fun time with the kids. I was tired. I thought, well the place is a mess and the kitchen is a mess, but I'll do it in the morning! So off to bed. This morning the Preacher heads off to the construction site, and I start getting things going here. Then the doorbell rings! It's the Preacher and a lady from the Church who needs to talk. !!!!!!!!! Embarrased, I open the door and let them in. She stays until 11 am. I have thoroughly disgraced the ministry!! (just exagerating awee bit!)
Now, you Born-Organizeds out there, (Candy, you are BO even if you don't think so!)
this is something that never happens to you. But for the Flybabies out there, you know what I mean.

No sense crying over spilt milk, but they say confession is good for the soul...........



Susan said...

Rhonda, you have not disgraced the ministry! :) If the lady who came by was needing to talk to you, she probably didn't even notice the condition of your house. You had a bad day, you've "confessed your faults", and now you can pick yourself up and go on again! Sending a hug your way!

BTW, I told Bro. Joe that you said hi. I only caught him in passing on Sunday morning, and I quickly told him hello for you. We didn't have time to chat, but I wanted you to know I mentioned you to him!

Rhonda said...

Hi Susan!
I feel bad, but not that bad, I was just quoting from one of my favorite books, "First we have coffee" and the author spoke of not leaving dishes in the sink so as to not disgrace the ministry!
I guess its only funny if you've read the book!
Glad your trip went well. Glad you're back!

Susan said...

Oh, I see! LOL I didn't realize you were quoting from a book - I thought that you felt you really had disgraced the ministry! Sorry! :)

Rhonda said...

No, don't be sorry! After you wrote, I went back and edited my post for clarity :)
You should read First we have coffee!, You'll like it!

Sis. Julie said...

I can definitely relate to having a sink full of dishes first thing in the morning and then someone coming by and seeing the kitchen a mess. I think we have all done it...well except for my mother-in-law. She isn't allowed to have even one thing in the sink when she goes to bed. My husband is good about it. He'd rather I get to spend time with him or the kids than to stress myself with making sure I get everything done before going to bed. I appreciate that. But it doesn't help when other's stop by and get the impression that I do nothing all day long...which is simply not true. But I know what you are saying. My sink is clear tonight except for one pan that is soaking. I will clean it in the morning. I know...shame on me...LOL!!! It's okay's all good.

Mrs Blythe said...

Lol Rhonda. Whenever my house is 'company ready' no-one ever visits. When the place is a nightmare disaster zone I seem to get reams of visitors. I'm flylady baby too, I tell my hubby "don't you touch that sink I've shined it!" He thinks I'm mad. But I'm not, well maybe a little mad. :o)

p.s. my schedule is improving, I may be proud enough to post it one day.

Rhonda said...

I can tell you are online now, Sarah. It makes me feel closer to my blog friends, when we are blogging at the same time!

Bethanie said...

The great thing about having a dishwasher is at least the dirty dishes can be hidden. That machine is my best friend.
I had a similar experiance last Friday. Only it was my apperance, not the house. Friday my sweet hubby called me in sick from work and boy was I sick. I always get real red when I get sick and I was so yucky I didn't bother to shower until late evening. People kept coming to the door. The first was pretty early, around 8:00, he was a guy who wanted to do business with hub.(he is into cars). The second was our neighbor lady wanting to visit(she hardly ever comes over-I usually go there), the third was a woman selling some kind of cleaning product. Fourth was my neice-whos visite I was glad of because she came in and fixed me some soup from a can and took out the trash w/ the mountain of tissues. I looked terrible.

Rhonda said...

I know the feeling! Just when I decide to wear grubbies, the doorbell won't stop ringing!!!!!

Hope you are feeling better!


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