Tuesday, June 20, 2006

What's the One Thing

Married Ladies! This is a question for you. Besides being a Christian, whats the one thing a man must be in order to be a good husband? What is the one character trait you could not live without?

Of all the things the "world" says, whats soemthing that is not necessary in order to be a good husband?

Thanks Ladies!



Happymama said...

Hard worker (check)
Must love me (check)
Humble (check)
Loving father (check)
Christ-like (check)
Mission minded (check)
Soul winner (check)
Willing to do what God asks of him (check)
Puts family first only after God (check)
Not ashamed to drive a minivan LOL (check)
Early morning back rubs before I get out of bed. Ok, I can LIVE without that, but I do so enjoy them! (check)
When he gets ready for work and takes the time to seek out each of his children to tell them that he loves them. (check)
Ohhhh, the list goes on and on. Were you looking for something different?

Tori said...

My offering to the question won't be as good as happymama's but here's the short for those two questions

I think a real man must be responsible and care for the needs of his family.

My man is wonderful about everything, if the truth be known.:0)

I guess the world puts alot of stock into looks and I don't know that that matters at all. It's good if you have it, (I do) but if not it's not so important.

There's my 2 cents!

Mrs.B. said...

To be a good husband I think a man must not let his ego govern his decisions.....he must lead selflessly.

One character trait I couldn't live without?....hmmm.....a strong leader. I detest wimpy men.

Now for clarification I'm not talking about physical strength or someone who is loud and boisterous....a man can be a strong leader and have a quiet personality. Of course I think the wife has a lot to do with this trait and how well it works.

Something that is not necessary in order to be a good husband?

Like Tori said, good looks (although my husband has them), money, and being 'sensitive' in a weak, wimpy way.

There is a big push in the world's thinking that men must obtain female character traits in order to be good husbands. I like men who are **MEN**! I think part of that is because I have such a strong personality that I'd run right over my husband if he wasn't such a strong leader.

I hope I made sense and none of my answers were intended as a put down to anyone's husband.

Susan said...

One character trait that is important to me is being trustworthy. I know I can absolutely trust my husband to do right for me and our family.

One character trait that is not necessary, but the world thinks it is, sensitivity. Yes, it's nice if he "understands" what we're going through, but many times my husband does NOT understand . . . at all . . . but that doesn't keep him from loving me and being a good husband.

Tami said...

I would have to say being trustworthy and honest. He is to be the leader of my family and in order to do that he must set a Godly example.

There are too many people raising their children with a "do as I say, not as I do" attitude ~~ and that is just WRONG.

Something that the world says is important that I do not say as necessary is wealth and looks. Both can fade away with time, or even vanish in an instant - but being honest and trustworthy are traits that manner.

Michelle said...

My mother says "commited to our family"
I say "walks in Truth, as in being a man of integrity and honesty"

somthing that is not necessary, look have been said, so I'll add - "in touch with his feminine side" - Wait! His femininine side is ME and I deffenitly want him to be in touch with that so . . . "compatible" You do NOT need to "make sure your compatible" before marrage, no moving in with someone, no testing the cow's milk . . . if you know what I mean, because I tell single people that sex is like a stick shift truck and OF COURSE the first few times you try it it's a bit bumpy BUT WITH PRACTICE (in a God santioned marrage) everything starts to run smoothly and lovely!

Mrs.B. said...

Susan, that's what I was trying to say about sensitivity! You said it better than I did.

Rhonda said...

Very good, Everybody!

New post on the same subject coming right up!

Anonymous said...

For me the one characteristic I could not live without in my husband is faithfulness - this covers honesty, trustworthiness, and faithful in that he would not look at another woman (on the street or in a magazine). It means that he will always be here to provide and care for our family as he is faithful to his job and he is faithful to the family. This is the trait I believe a husband needs. (I also agree with everything you say in the post above) :o)