Saturday, June 03, 2006

Saturday night prep for Sunday

To all you lovely people who get to just go to church,I sometimes envy you! For us, Sunday is a workday. Sunday school lessons have been prepared, nursery class curriculum has been passed out to all teachers and workers. Baths are being taken as I type. Sunday dinner is in the crockpot. The Preacher's dress shirts were washed yesterday. Tomorrow I will help Sandra with the sign language singing, so I have Denise to take over on the piano. The Preacher will switch from Construction Foreman to Preacher and Teacher of the Word. What a great title! I am so glad he not just a doctor or a lawyer.

I am praying for Susan and the Friend Day at their Church tomorrow.

My goal for tomorrow is to worship God in spite of all the to-do of church.
Hava a lovely day with your Church, listen to your Preacher, encourage someone.



Susan said...

How encouraging to come to your blog and see that you're praying for our church services tomorrow! Thank you so much!

You are so right about Sunday being a work day! LOL It's worth it all though, isn't it? And like you, I'm glad that my dh's job isn't just a doctor or some other job, but a preacher of the Word. Have a great day tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Yey for church! Hope you had a blessed time too. Did you celebrate Pentecost? :o)

Rhonda said...

No we didn't! Things are so crazy around her because of the building project. We almost completely forgot Mother's Day! The Preacher is a man of God, but not overly organized;)

Funny thing is, in my scheduled Bible reading, we read Acts 2 today!
Praise God for sending the Holy Spirit to dwell in the believer!