Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Another wonder post...

By Homeliving Helper.

Wouldn't you just love for your home to be as clean and inviting as an expensive hotel or inn? Of course, Lady Lydia left out one important factor. Most hotel housekeepers don't have to cook or train their kids as they clean;0)

Also, how on earth do you deal with a pack-rat husband? My friend Wendy is an expert housekeeper and knows how to fling. The Preacher just hates for me to throw out "good" stuff and we are bulging with "good" stuff.

Read this great article here

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Anonymous said...

I think your hubby is some how related to mine.

A beloved pack rat he is. We are swampped with "good" stuff too.

I'm still new (relatively) at all this wife-y stuff too . . .so I'm trying to find my footing. Does not come by naturally I can tell you that!