Tuesday, December 26, 2006

What a wonderful Christmas!

Our choir did our Christmas Cantata on Christmas Eve. We did as good as I expected, although I did not have expectations that were too high. We had many obstacles this year in choir.
It was a lovely service with over 100 in attendance, and one young man received Christ as his Saviour. He just came up to the Preacher after the service and said "I need to receive the Gift!"
We had a nice meal later, just the four of us, and of course, THE PRESENTS! No matter how much you teach a seven-year-old that its not just about the presents, its still a BIG DEAL to the little ones.
On Christmas Day we went over to Mother's for dinner. We had a traditional American Christmas dinner with all the trimmings except for cranberry sauce. We don't like cranberry sauce. The kids sang for us and Eileen played her violin. Then more PRESENTS. We then watched all our Christmas videos.
All in all, it was a great day, and the Lord knows why.(Thank you God for the answer to prayer)

I am so glad I serve a powerful, great God! If my God was as mediocre as people make Him out to be, I'd just give up. But I don't have a wimpy God, praise His Name!



Happymama said...

Rhonda, praise the Lord for the man that was saved!! What a great Christmas present to his family.

And btw, presents are a big deal to me, too. LOL I just love a present! :)

I'm glad the Lord answered a prayer in the way you needed or hoped He would. God is good to us, Rhonda. Isn't He?


Anonymous said...

Glad glad glad to celebrate with you a wonderful day that even the Angels rejoiced over with the salvation of one more!

A random thought: The birth of Christ was never prophisied that Angels would tell the shepards about his birth. It is my opinion, and hence my weaved story (addmitidly nothing more than that and carrys NO docternal value whatsoever!) that that wasn't necessarily the plan . . . Jesus was to have had a humble and quiet begining. But instead when the time came, the angels were so "buzzed" with joy and such because of His birth that they pleaded . . "Please, pleeeeeeeeeeeze we have to tell SOMEONE or we'll just burt! Can we just tell these quiet, humble shepard?" OK . . . you go. So one angel went to tell them but the others COULD NOT hold back and BLAM! you get the chior!
The end

Anonymous said...

Good to see you had a blessed Christmas. Here's to a wonderful New Year!

Dawn said...

What a nice picture of the choir. What cantata did you do? The cantata is the high point of my Christmas every year. We did an awesome one this year. Thank the Lord, I lost my voice the next week instead of that one!

We've had two major snow storms this week. Check out the pictures in the last two or three posts if you're interested in seeing a really snowing Christmas!