Monday, December 11, 2006

Family Life Conference

We just ended a Family Life Conference at our Church yesterday. For four days we had special services teaching about what God says about families. He should know, after all, He created them. Our good friend, missionary Phillip Rogers did the teaching. The great thing is that we had 3 people saved, as well as many who made decisions. We had 110 on the last night, and for that we are thrilled.

There are so many broken and hurting families here. Situations that will never be what God intended families to be seem to be bountiful here. We pray that the lessons taught this weekend will help for the next generation. We had two ladies there who are expecting their first babies. I pray that they will start their motherhood on the right track.

I love good teaching about families. I love my family. I believe that God created us all to feel the need to belong to a family. That's why He gave us our families and our Churches.

If you haven't stopped by Homeliving Helper lately, please do so. There are some great articles there. We are going against the current, but I know that its right.


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Mrs.B. said...

Good, solid Bible-teaching on the family is so needed! Good for you, and praise the Lord for the salvation decisions.

And I agree, the Homeliving Helper posts have been very good lately.