Monday, December 11, 2006

Christmas multitasking

God is, in my opinion, THE Multi-tasker. In his sovreignty, He makes all things to work together for good. Every single being in existence and not yet in existence is part of His design. I also believe that He created women to be expert multi-taskers. Now, how on earth does that relate to Christmas? I am so glad you asked!

Let me explain.
We celebrate Christmas to remeber how God the Father sent His Son to earth to save us. God placed great importance on His birth by making details of His birth matters of prophecy. They were told where He would be born(Bethlehem), of whom(descendants of David, a virgin), where He would go later (Egypt) among other details. It is thrilling to me to study fulfilled prophecy!

However, as Christian moms, we can also use the Christmas season for many other godly purposes. We can teach our children about giving and selflessness. We can teach charitable giving by making a food basket for a needy family or two. We can cultivate femininity in our girls with Christmas baking and cooking and decorating. We can foster family togetherness by carrying on old family traditions and by instituting our own family traditions.
Does this take away from celbrating the birth of Christ? Not all!
We're multi-tasking!

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Dawn said...

Good thoughts this morning! Thank you for stopping by and visiting my ornament parade. Our house is old and used, but it is definitely home. My grown kids would not be happy if we moved!

I hope you're having a wonderful Christmas over there. I am trying to get up my courage to go out shopping today - not my favorite task at all. I hear it's really bad on the week-ends, so I took this week off from work to try to get done and get some baking done.

Blessings on you as you work for our precious Lord.