Monday, December 18, 2006

A full missionary day

Yesterday as I sat in Church, I was pondering a full missionary day. We were sitting in our new, yet unfinished building. There were our regular folks from Lanco, one from La Paz, five miles north. There was one from Quilche, 20 miles east, and 7 from our newly-forming mission in Máfil, 20 miles south. We had taken our choir to sing at the old-folk's home in Máfil earlier in the afternoon. As I played the piano for the congregational singing, I watched as Sandra signed for the Deaf. There were old folks and babies. All of us together singing to the Lord, getting ready to hear the Word preached. The fellow from Quilche got saved last night.

I know that we are not doing this for a "feeling", but it sure did feel good. There are just times when you can sense the Spirit of the Lord approving what is going on, and those are great times.
Thank you, God.


Dawn said...

I can imagine how you felt, going through the tour of homes - my house is very used and needs lots of work. But it is almost paid for, so I'm okay with it. You are doing what you are called to do, and you have a lovely Christmasy house!

Have a blessed Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Yes, those are good times.