Saturday, December 16, 2006

Contentment, or lack thereof

I have been looking at some of the houses on the Christmas tour of homes. I love Christmas, as you all well know. But seeing all those beautiful homes and decorations has left me feeling a wee bit envious and discontented. Wrong, I know. I have a nice (for here) house, much nicer than most in our town. Just yesterday, we spent the day with 5 families in our Church who were with 235 other families receiving their government-subsidized houses. These houses are tiny, one-bedroom affairs. The bedroom will scarcely fit a queen-sized bed. They only had to pay 400 dollars for the house. A few were truly grateful, most others were compaining about the size.

Compared to these cracker-boxes, I live in a mansion. But campared to the fine houses I saw on the tour, I live in a cabin. I realize that contentment must begin wherever you are. I may not ever live in a fine home this side of Heaven, and that's OK. I don't deserve a fine home, I deserve nothing. Anything I have is by the Grace of God. I am living right where God wants me to be and if that's not enough now, nothing will ever be enough.

Thank you God, for my home. Forgive my lack of gratitude.



Maggii said...

{{{{{Rhonda}}}}} I think we all go thru this....I have some of the same feelings as I Look at eveyone's homes as well....some just have such a talent for decorating....or they are just much more organized and their homes just look so much 'neater"...just remember that the house itself is just a shell's what you do with what you have and the love that is shared within those walls..that makes it a 'home"...I've lived in small homes and large homes....and honestly I think our Happiest times were the times we lived in smaller was fun to find ways to maximize the space...and easier to a larger I home I ind myself feeling the need to fill it with 'things" not to mention feeling the need to decorate it just keep up with the neighbors...etc....

Rhonda said...

Thanks you for the kind words of encouragement, Maggii!
God bless you this Christmas!

Anonymous said...

I agree with maggii. We all go through periods of discontentment. I know it doesn't make it right but it does make you human Sis!! It seems though that when I get that way the Lord is faithful to bring someone before me either by prayer request or in person that has it so much worse than I do and it's then that I feel so bad that I even felt like I did. So just know that you are human and that God understands how we are.

Anonymous said...

What you have to remember Rhonda is that the person only takes a picture of the shiney side of the room/attractive angle, little do we know that behind the camera is the biggest pile of ironing, rubbish and children's toys all pushed to the other side of the room for the purpose of picture taking. Perhaps there is also unfinished DIY, perhaps their neighbours are horrid, perhaps they live under the flight path of the nearest airport, perhaps they have rising damp, perhaps they are infested with cockroaches...or perhaps they do live in a palace. But to be sure they will suffer discontentment in some area of their lives.

We all do. I look at the Royal Family here in the UK, I look at the rich and famous and they all live in big, posh, secure, beautiful homes...and they are all discontented, messed up and unhappy.

Jesus is our contentment isn't He? Or at least He should be...I need to remember this as I fall over hubby's guitar amplifier for the 59 millionth time! LOL. "I need a bigger house for all this stuff!!"


Anonymous said...

Content is something I need to be ALL the time.....not just when I feel like it.