Tuesday, December 05, 2006

It really is the most wonderful time of the year!

I really love Christmas time! I decorate my home and paint my windows. I cook and eat and we all sing! I love Christmas carols. Christian ones, and a few secular ones. I saw a Christmas meme over at Dawns, and I even love hearing about Christmas!

I have lived here in the southern hemisphere for over 20 years and I still think about Christmas being in the Winter. I miss the cold and dark. Its so hard to "get in the mood" when its 80 degrees and light until 9:00 pm!

Here's how I get in the mood. I decorate! I put up my tree and Nativity scene. Nothing elaborate, but we like it. I play Christmas music as much as I can stand. I prefer traditional choral music to soloists. I especially love groups that sing accapella. I hate anything too modern.
Favorite carol? Too hard to say. Currently they are "God rest ye, Merry Gentlemen", "We Three Kings" and "Bring a torch, Jeannette, Isabella".

We eat traditional Christmas food, turkey and cornbread dressing, pecan pie,mashed potatoes,
seven layer salad, yeast rolls.

We make Christmas cookies and fudge, pecan sandies, chocolate crinkles, and if we can, peanut butter-kiss cookies.

I do not allow my children to give me lists.
I rarely send out Christmas cards. (shame on me)

I get supremely homesick for the US around this time.

So, more Christmas musings to come!


Anonymous said...

I love Christmas too :) I like Hark the Herald Angels best.

Anne said...

This might seem a little off subject, but I had a question. Andrew Castner preached in our Christian school chapel yesterday and he mentioned a camp that over 100 teens go to. Is your church (I think he said Lanco) the host church of this? Sorry for such a bizarre comment:o) 80 degrees and the sun out 'til 9??? Wow...:)