Thursday, October 19, 2006


I finally found the important papers that were lost. You are just not going to believe this. After combing the living room, our bedroom, the office (AKA the dungeon), I was at my wit's end. I have a theory about lost items: If something is not where it belongs, then it is somewhere it does not belong. Duh. That means that you cannot always look in the obvious places. Sometimes you have to look in the freezer. Usually I look and look, then I take a break and let my subconcious try to remember where the thing is. Well, after hours of concern (not actual worry, but concern) I started my next theory about finding lost items. You must start cleaning. You will eventually find among things not yet de-cluttered the item you seek. Well, I started in Ronnie's room, which doubles as my office, a situation that must change, even if it means moving Ronnie out into the living room. I started cleaning off his catch-all dresser, and slowy my eyes moved up to the stuffed-animal hammock hanging in the corner. And there, nestled among Pooh and Goofy and Jessie, I see the papers! Hurrah! Just at that second, the Preacher calls home. I answered and told him the good news. He said, "Oh yeah, I might have put them there" AAARRRRRGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!


Now if I can just find my choir book..........


Anonymous said...

Lol this made me laugh at least it is not just me that does this kind of losing things and then finding them in the strangest places. My Mum once lost her cup of coffee, and found it in the fridge! LOl.

Rhonda said...

Eileen found the choir book. It was inside a cookbook. !!!?????