Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Will somebody say Amen? Amen?

I have been having a great time listening to Beth Moore online at I tell you, if God ever lifts His ban on women preachers (and He won't) I want to be one! I used to want to be a singer like Sandi Patti when I grew up and now I want to be a teacher like Beth Moore;) But I'll need to work on my Texan accent. Hey, how come it is that a lot of women preachers have real thick southern accents?

All kidding aside, I have been enormously blessed over the past two days by Beth, and Chuck Swindoll and Voddie Baucham and Michael Pearl.
Here are some of the things I have gleaned:

1. God can and does cleanse us from all our filthiness. And we are all filthy, even us "good" ones.

2. When God saved you, He forgave all your sins, past, present and future. I knew this, of course, but its always good to remember it. It is also necessary to understand the even though ALL your sins have been (past tense) forgiven, you have no license to sin. We have been Born Again, we are dead to sin.

3.Children are a blessing, a gift from God. We should not view them as simply a drain on our resources.

4. We should never ridicule anyone whom God has blessed with many children.

5.It is the father's responsability to Win his kids for Christ and desciple them.

Grace and peace from God our Father!



Susan said...

Hey, I have a thick southern accent! Does that mean I can be a woman preacher???

I've never listened to Beth Moore or read any of her books. Is she seriously a woman preacher, or is she just a good teacher? I've seen some titles that seemed interesting but I've been a bit leery, since I didn't know anything about her.

Rhonda said...

I don't quite know, Susan, how big is your hair? The accent must be accompanied by big hair;)

Seriously, I read Moore's book "Believing God" and I like it inmensly. I have also enjoyed the lessons online. I will probably continue listening.
I saw on her website that the events she speaks at are aimed at women, but that men are welcome to attend. (?)

Anonymous said...

Lol, Rhonda I have very big hair as it's very wet here in the UK and my hair has exploded like a poodle-do...I don't have the accent but does big hair override that? ;o)

All joking aside I have never heard of Beth Moore I'm afraid, the only famous woman preacher I know of is Joyce Meyer, she visits the UK occasionally, though I've never seen her, I've just read that back and it sounds like she doesn't survive when she visits the UK - I meant I've never attended one of her 'live' events.

Bethanie said...

I listened to Beth Moore speaking on marriage and it brought me to tears. Also I joined a book study that some of the other ladies started in our church. A couple of chapters in and they were looking to her as a preacher-so I dropped out. I've read that she has said she does not profess to be a female preacher-just a teacher of women.
I've seen Joyce Meyers live (before I knew better). Now I think she's dangerous. Possibly thats a good topic for my blog.

Anonymous said...

I've never heard of Beth Moore either. I have heard of Joyce Meyers and my husband warns against hearing I haven't. I know alot of women who would make good preachers if God did call women to preach...but I for one would not want to be one!! LOL! I think I'll just stick to doing posts on my blog :)

Michelle said...

Why indeed do they seem to all have heavy southern accents? But for real, I enjoyed this post. loved what you learned and have to go back to One place and start listning again.

Susan said...

Hmm . . . big hair. Well, I do have a perm, because my husband likes my hair curly. If I go a long time without getting it cut, it gets to be big hair. But I don't think it's big right now. Of course, I don't live in Texas anymore, where big hair and thick southern accents abound! ;)

I've heard of Joyce Meyer too, and know that she IS a woman preacher! I will look into Beth Moore's stuff and ask my husband to look at it too. Thanks!