Thursday, October 26, 2006

Refrigerator Meme

Oh, how embarrasing! Please nobody do a junk-drawer meme!

On my fridge there are:
3 Disneyland magnets,
1 Disneyworld magnet
1 Bugs Bunny magnet
1 Sylvester magnet
1 Junior Asparagus magnet
1 San Francisco magnet
1 photo of Mom and Eileen
1 photo of me and Ronnie when I was skinny
A lovely note to me from Eileen.

Can you tell we are really into cartoons?

I tag Mrs. Wilt and Rachel Hammet.
The only changes you are allowed to make is to protect anonymity. And you must join in, even if you have nothing stuck on your fridge, lol we can marvel at your tidy, shiny fridge! Only kidding, only join in if you want to of course :o)



Mrs.B. said...

"Oh, how embarrasing! Please nobody do a junk-drawer meme!"

LOL Rhonda you crack me up!

Anonymous said...

Me too, lol, I have a myriad of junk drawers :o) Thanks for joining in :o)

Anonymous said...

Rhonda, I hope you don't mind I've linked to your music post :o)

Michelle said...

our fridge is stainless steal. Non magnetic. :-(

The only thing on it is dust and finger smears

Anonymous said...

I did it!

Thanks for tagging me. :)

Arlene said...

LOL, I thought the junk drawer line was hilarious, as well! :P