Sunday, October 01, 2006

Pure foolishness

Even though I have spent most of my life outside the good ole US of A, I am definitely an American. Right now I am experiencing a bit of homesickness. The stupid part of this is that I'm not homesick for friends and family, because thanks to modern technology, I can communicate with whomever I please. I am homesick for the malls and restaurants and fun things. Foolishness, I know. I wish we could go to the old Pizza Mill and Sub Factory we used to go to when I was a child. I'd like to spend some time in Solvang, CA or Eureka Springs, AR, browsing through the shops. I would like to be eating an Awesome Blossom at Chili's. Isn't that ridiculous in the light of Eternity? One of the ways we lose our effectiveness as servants of God is our discontented attitudes. I am abundantly blessed all the time. Why can't I see this?


Michelle said...

we just drove by a building site here that looks like they are going to build an honest-to-goodness MALL! It's very much catered to the Americans, since it advertises the coming of wal-mart, applebees, mcd's, and others. Now if only we could get a ROSS!
Don't beat yourself over the longings. It happens, just don't dwell there, the dwelling will make you miserable. And "Do the next thing".

Michelle said...

OH I know, go to Missionary Watch ( )and do that thing that their asking . .. make up your "care package" wish list. I had so much fun doing mine. And I even got one who said they wanted to send us one! Not that that the purpose . . . but it is a sort of "window shopping" we can do. 'Sides, I'm curious now what you'd like to get.

Anonymous said...

"You will either leave God for the world, or you will leave this world for God." YOU have left this world for God, AMEN! But, you are still human. Just enjoy those childhood memories. My guess is that when you do get to enjoy them, they may not seem so wonderful anymore. Memories at times are far better than the reality! Or maybe it'll be just as good, and that, too will be a sweet gift from Him who loves to give good things! ~Jolene

Rhonda said...

OK, I'm over it! Thanks for the encouragement. Michelle, that is another great quote from the book I blogged about recently. "Do the next thing" I love that! Or as my mamma would say, "Just get your fanny into gear!"
I can honestly say that we can now buy here just about anything we need including BBQ sauce and my favorite, Macaroni and Cheese!!!!!
I was longing for places more than things. Oh yeah, and English!!!!

Yes, Jolene, memories are far more fabulous than reality for the most part.