Tuesday, October 24, 2006

My birthday

Here's a picture of where the Preacher took me for a one-couple couple's retreat for my birthday. Isn't it lovely?

Do you ever get the feeling that sometimes we talk so much about God, and not enough to Him?
I think I do. I want to know that I can not only talk about Him and His atributes, but to Him.
There is also a bit of personality issues here. I mean, those of a sanguine personality just ooze words of worship, and truly mean them. If I oozed like that, I'd feel kind of foolish and insincere. Not that I wouldn't mean the words, I'd just feel strange. I don't ooze very easily, sort of like the difference between David, an "oozer" and Paul, a non-oozer.
Anyway, I realize now that my "down" times could fade more easily if I praised the Lord more openly, that hearing words of His greatness coming out of my lips would be uplifting, even in light of my circumstances.

I praise you God, for You are mightily in control of all my circumstances. You desire to transform me for your glory. In your grace, you choose to mold me. I will gladly accept what I cannot understand. I will give up my desire to know your plans. I am willing, I am available. I lay myself on your altar. I offer the sacrifice of praise. I am so honored to be in your presence. I am so grateful for your forgiveness. Forgive my faithlessness and increase my faith. Use me, if it pleases you to do so. I praise your name.


Dawn said...

Happy birthday! That is a very lovely place. I hope I was one of your blog friends that you prayed for. Please pray for my son, as he struggles with some upcoming decisions. He was delivered from heroin addiction, but is struggling with his future, because of stuff in his past that is hindering his being able to do some things he wants to do. Satan wants him back. Please help us stand in the gap! Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Rhonda!! What a lovely picture, did you have a great time.

I loved your words of praise and honour to God, how wonderful! :o) I totally join you in your plea to the Lord.

Rhonda said...

Thank you, Dawn and Sarah! We had a real nice time.

Yes, Dawn, I did pray for you and will continue to do so. We know that it is God's will that your continue to follow the Lord, so we will continue to pray that way. Do not weary in well doing.


Mrs.B. said...

Happy Birthday Rhonda!

Your prayer really touched me too, thanks for sharing it with us. (o:

Michelle said...

ooohhhh! How wonderfuL!