Friday, October 20, 2006

Watch this

Why should I believe the Bible?
Beacause it is a reliable collection of historical documents written by eyewitnesses during the lifetime of other eyewitnesses. They report of supernatural events and those events took place in fulfilment of specific profecies. They claim their writtings are of divine origin and not human.

I told y'all that I have been listenin' to Beth Moore and Voddie Baucham. I am beginnin' to get a Southern accent and I luv it!

Anyhoo, I found this link to this powerful sermon by Voddie Baucham. Its worth watching! Just go to the link and pick the one that says Voddie Baucahm.



Anonymous said...

Totally agree, the Bible is 100% truth.

Michelle said...

I went to a liberally associated with the methodist church private college. I studies anthropology . . . I came into a real crisis when I tried to corrilate evolution and creation.
I mean they taught like they KNEW!
So I called my Christian friend who was older than me to ask how she reconsiled these to things . . .she told me of the whole 1000 years is to 1 day for GOd type of thing that would allow for the 6 "days" to let earth evolve.
Uh huh, yeah. It did for the time being. But soon I came to the relization that if I started allowing for "interpritations" like that, my ROCK quickly became quicksand.
So in conclusion (and further study) I have found that a person needs a bottom line. A place where they can say - this is where I start from, this is where I stand. Otherwise you can start to question everything and it devolves into chaos.
So, I HAVE to stand on teh Bible 100% and unless it states that something "is like unto" or "represents" Then it is. The Red Sea really did split down to dry land what would otherwise be deep enough to drown in, the sun really did sit in the sky for a whole extra day, and creation really was done in 6 24 hour days. Otherwise the Bible is worth nothing.