Monday, April 09, 2007

Another Sunday

Have I not posted for a whole week? Looks like it! Well, we got a new computer this past week and I've spent an inordinate amout of time setting it all up. Today has been spent in installing the Antivirus (done) and setting up the Parental Controls(still working, kinda frustrated!)
Hope you all had a blessed Easter. I have been touched my everyone's Easter posts. they have been wonderful!

We had an early morning Easter breakfast. That went really good. Then we had Easter dinner with a few "unexpected blessings", 3 young men from our church with no place to go. Thankfully we had more than enough food.

In the afternoon we went to the new mission. This week we had 7 again. We were very happy with that. We returned to Lanco for our Sunday evening service. We had 2 visitors, and 0ne of them trusted Christ as her Saviour. All in all, a great day!

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