Monday, April 23, 2007

Great weekend

For most people, the weekend is a time of relaxation, family time, and worship. For us, its our main workdays. Ever since we started the mission in Mafil, things have gotter wilder. This last Saturday, we started our kids' club. So, here's how it all played out. Friday afternnon, I have discipleship at 3. Mother gets here around 6:30, We talk about what we're going to be cooking for the weekend and go to the store. 7:30 Neil and I go to Youth meeting. We had 38. WOW! We haven't had this many in a long time. Saturday morning we get up and Neil heads off to Máfil for a special breakfast with all the deaf. There were 6 deaf people. They had a great time.
Then Neil went to Valdivia to see a young woman who has been coming to our church for
a few weeks. Before she started coming she got into a bit of trouble with the law. She was supposed to pay a fine, but didn't, so they put her in jail for 10 days! Then he went to the Regional Hospital in Valdivia to see an older lady whose daughter and family go to our Church. This little old lady has wanted nothing to do with us in the past, but now she had peritonitis, and is scared. She almost died. All the family was grateful to Neil for staying with them that day and praying with them. He didn't get home until almost 11 PM

While he was in Valdivia, we had Kids club. We got all our stuff together. We were thinking about having around 40 kids, max. We had 56! What a madhouse! We did our utmost to keep the peace, have fun and give the Gospel. Later we came home, exhausted. We got Sunday dinner ready to go into the crock pot.

Sunday, Neil gets up early for 9 am teacher training class. The rest of us have to be at Church at 10. We have Sunday School and Church. We rush home, get lunch on by 1:00, hoping to be napping by 1:30. We get up at 2:45, leave for the Máfil mission at 3. We had a nice service, and then a fellowship after. We got back to Lanco for Sunday evening service at 6:30. Home, by 8;30.
Totals for the weekend:
Youth meeting 38
Kids Club 56
Máfil, Sunday, 8
Lanco, Sunday, 90

Needless to say, we were spent by Sunday night. I took leftovers and made burritos. I sure wish we had some decent restaurants here in this town!



I really do admire all that you all do. We have a Missionary visting us this week from Japan. We are so glad. May God bless you all in all that you do. connie from Texas

judy from Michigan said...

Where is Lanco, CL? My son and wife are Baptist missionaries in Bolivia--work with deaf and several small groups. Stephanie homeschools 3 of their 5 daughters( 2 are preschoolers). This is their second term of service.

Michelle said...

Hey Rhonda!! Sounds familiar all this running around!! Let's get together sometime (when we both have time!) We will be moving soon!


It sounds like a life worth living!!! I know many are blessed because of your efforts. I pray God will continue to use you and maybe one day even give you all a good restaurant. connie from Texas