Monday, April 16, 2007

Sunday recap, April 15

We had a great day yesterday!
Since Summer is really and truly over, regular scheduling is beginning to take over. We had 62 for Sunday School, which we have not had in a long time. At the mission Church in Máfil, we had 11 from Lanco go and 10 from Máfil. We had 5 deaf people in the service, so that makes it all the more interesting.
Sunday night back in Lanco, we had a full service. Lots of people, lots of after-church counselling. Its a good thing our services start at 6:30!
We had an attendance total of 97. That is really good for us! Not that its numbers were after, but each number represents a soul! It also means that we are helping to make a difference in this town.
We are having the Lord's Supper tonight. We don't have it very often, and it is usually a very special time of confession and reconcilliation. Please keep us in your prayers.


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Anonymous said...

Always in my prayers dear missionary sister.