Monday, April 09, 2007

Great News!

A few days before we returned from vacation, we received some disturbing news. There was a case of blatant adultery in one of our faithful families. The husband had been working far from home, coming home once a month or so. We didn't like the situation, but it was their choice. The wife found out about her husbands infidelity and confronted him. He responded quite badly. She kicked him out of the house and started threatening legal proceedings. We were devasted. This dear lady seemed totally adamant. There was no way she was going to take him back. The husband started calling my husband. The Preacher gave it to him straight, no beating around the bush. I had talked to her, so had my mom. I wasn't sure how she would respond to him when he came home. My heart ached for them and their 4 children.

Well, Saturday he came home and grovelled to his wife. He apologized and took full blame. He also told her that he was going to win her back, no matter what. Well, she took him back, and so far, all looks good! They'll still have a lot to work through, but at least they are doing it together.

Lessons to be learned.
Never separate, even for work, no matter how poor you are.
Beware if you or your spouse has internet. The Strange woman form Proverbs now lurks in cyberspace!



I will pray that they let God make things right for them. It is not God's will for families to split up, and if people want to be forgiven and we forgive, doing it God's way, I am sure things will work out for them.

I hope your warning are heeded because evil is everwhere just waiting to get a foot hold into the christians life. Bless and Keep you, connie from Texas

Happymama said...

Rhonda, I'm sorry to hear about this couple's trial. I am, however, glad to hear that they are trying to work through their problems with help from the Lord. That's the only way they'll make it!

I was also glad to hear you bring up the strange woman mentioned in Proverbs. My children and I have discussed the Strange woman many times. I remember when Hannah was about seven...we were shopping for a new church dress for her. She looked at one hanging there on the rack and said, "That looks like something a Strange woman would wear." I thought to myself, "SHE GOT IT!!!" LOL The thing is, people have a hard time recognizing the strange woman these days.


Anonymous said...

Wow you have been busy posting, one day I check and nothing and then there are three posts all at once. I think that it is so wonderful that you and your husband are pouring our your lives and the love of the Lord for all these people. Blessings.

Rhonda said...

Hello, Connie, Kristi, and Sarah!
Its not easy to forgive, but it is God's way, and the best way.
Nobody ever felt bad because they forgave!



Terri said...

Hi, Rhonda-

I haven't visited in a long time - my computer got changed out and I lost a lot of my favorite blog addresses. I am enjoying catching up on your life and your church's life. Your posts are very encouraging to me. I am happy to pray for you, your husband and your church.

Rhonda said...

Hi Terri!
Good to see you! Thanks for your prayers!


Julie's Jewels said...

Praise the Lord that these two are working at trying to save their marriage. I know how she felt when she found out what she found out. My husband had been unfaithful to me as well at the time that I got saved. God used it in my life to bring me to Him and He also used it in my husband's life to bring him to the Savior. God had a plan!! I'm so glad He can take those bad situations due to choices that we make and He uses them for good and for His honor and His glory. I'll be praying for this wife and for their home. They are doing the right thing in working on the relationship and the marriage. Thank God the devil has not gotten the victory in their situation....and I pray he doesn't....although he will still try. I just pray that wife will be patient with her husband and with the Lord as they work on things.

Rhonda said...

Dear Julie,
It is so good to know that God can take one of the most horrible situaltions a woman can go through, and redeem it for His glory and our benefit. This is a concept that the world cannot understand. Does God make bad things happen? No, but He will allow them if He know that that is the only way we will turn to Him.
Thanks for sharing about your life. It is an encouragement to others who are going through wimilar situations.


Mrs. Hurzeler said...

I am so glad to hear they are trying to reconcile. I know how hard it can be to be so far apart. My husband and I met on the internet, and we met 6 weeks later in person and got married! We had talked everyday on the phone before we met. Anyway because I am Canadian and my husband is American we had to go through immigration which meant I was not legally allowed to enter the United States, and we spent 10 months apart waiting for all our paperwork to go through, but thanks be to our Savior we got through it alright. And we were 100% faithful to one another and we have been married for three years and we love each other more now than before. God Bless.