Thursday, April 12, 2007

Contentment, revisited

I was reading this post by Mrs. B where she quotes Susan H, my fellow missionary wife. They were both discussing home fixtures, and how one can feel a desire to constantly update to keep us with the fashion. "keeping up" is such hard, expensive work! And you have to keep up with your house, your car, your clothes, hair and make up. And its never done! Yikes!

Now, I am not saying that one shouldn't look nice. In fact, I do not really like seeing Christian women looking dowdy and odd, thinking that makes her "spiritual" You can be modest and still look nice.

Once again, it all boils down to a heart attitude. If your heart is right, you won't feel the need to constantly "keep up" with anyone or anything.
If your heart is right, your house will be a home, atractive to all. Isn't that the idea, anyway? Having a place that your husband and kids love? Having a place where God can use you to nourish your children's bodies and souls? A sanctuary where your husband can come after a long day at work? So many people have never know this feeling.

Some women seem to see their house as the showcase of their life. "See my house! Looks just like a page of a magazine? See what a sucess I am!No, no kids, these room is off-limits to organic beings. They might get it dirty."
I personally despise going into "showy" homes. I feel like an intruder, the eyes of the hostess watching my kid's every move.

I'd love a new house. I'd settle for new furniture! But if I do not have the right motive, then I don't want more. I'd rather be right with God than have new furniture.


Mrs.B. said...

Great post Rhonda!

I think because we don't have children that our home is probably a bit more 'showy-looking' than some.---LOL although the dogs do keep it very lived-in looking! (o;

I'm sure if we had children our home decor would change to suit that. (o:

Blessings my friend!

PS Thanks for linking to my post, it makes me feel good that you liked it so much. (o:

Julie's Jewels said...

What a great post!!! I learned a long time ago that it is more important to show others that they are more important than the things we have. Now I believe in caring for what we have and I expect others to show that same respect. But to show others that we love our possessions more than we love them is a misplaced feeling.

This post is a great one and one that every lady needs to read. Thank you for posting this. It is a reminder to me for sure!!

Anonymous said...

Too true Rhonda.