Friday, April 13, 2007

Thanking Him for the thorns

Mrs. B posted a story about thanking God for the thorns. A real tear-jerker.
Anyway, it got me to thinking about a song that really touched my heart.
Here it is:

This Thorn
Twila Paris

Thank you for this torn embedded in my flesh
I can feel the mystery, my spirit is made fresh
You are sovereign still and forever wise
I can see the miracle opening my eyes
To a proud heart so quick to judge
Laying down crosses and carrying grudges
The veil has been torn
And I thank you for this thorn

Thank you for this thorn, fellowship of pain
Teaching me to know you more, never to complain
Thank You for this love planted in my side
Faithful, patient miracle opening my eyes
I never thought I'd say it without reservation
But I am truly grateful for this piercing revelation
Of a proud heart so quick to judge
Laying down crosses and carrying grudges
The veil has been tornAnd I thank you for this thorn

And if You chose to take it, I will praise You
ANd thank You for the healing in your name
But if it must remain, I thank You for Your rod
Evidence of Father-love for a child of God
I join you in sorrow
So much less than You have borne
And I thank you
Really I thank You
Lord I thank You
I thank You for this thorn


Mrs.B. said...

Yes, I definitely see the similarities between the two. The words to the song are excellent!

Happymama said...

I read Mrs. B's story....precious, wasn't it?


Julie's Jewels said...

What a wonderful song. I've not heard it before. The words are truly excellent. Thank you for sharing.


I love the words to the song. I know God always wants only those things that will make us more like His dear son, so, Lord help me to value the thorns, you send my way. connie from Texas

Dawn said...

I haven't been down here to visit you for awhile! I really love your post on contentment. Right now my house is getting rather ragged, and my furniture has been pretty much ruined by the cats we took care of for our grown kids, but right now the priority is taking care of the grandkids, and they have so much fun playing on the couch cushions planted on the stairway as a slide that it doesn't make much sense! Besides which, we can't afford it right now!

Rhonda said...

Hi, Y'all!
I am not really into CCM at all, but I really appreciate Twila Paris as a song writer. I find her work to be spiritual and thought provoking.
It seems that the time for the thorns is the growing time, and must be joyfully endured as the loving hand of God in my life!